Our Passion

  • To inspire people worldwide with creative and attractive football.
  • To create better players through an individual approach in talent development.
  • To help shape a world in which children can reach their maximum potential.

Our Values

  1. Try and do things differently, step away from routine
  2. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes, learn from them
  3. Think about the consequences of your actions
  4. Know what you are good at and what others do better
  1. Do something for others, everybody will profit
  2. Accept misfortune, turn it into opportunity
  3. It’s not just what you do, but how you do it
  4. It’s not where you come from, but what you aim for


  • We develop players.
  • We develop coaches.
  • We develop football organizations.

Our Team


We are united by our vision, passion and principles.

Team Jonk started with Wim Jonk and Ruben Jongkind. Working together at AFC Ajax Amsterdam as individual trainers, they shared not only a vision on talent development, but also the conviction of the potential for improvement of the once famed Ajax academy. Consequently, they teamed up with Johan Cruyff in 2010 and wrote

the famous “Plan Cruyff”. One of the main pillars of this visionary plan was the reform of the Ajax youth academy, based on an individual approach in talent development. After a period of great turbulence, often referred to as “the velvet revolution”, the club finally adopted the Plan Cruyff as its new policy in 2011.

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